USS Torsk SS-423 Crew List

This crew list covers the entire service life of Torsk, both as an active part of the fleet from 1944-1968, as well as her reserve duty from 1968-71. The list is extensive, but is by no means complete. Many of the names were taken from patrol reports and other official Torsk paperwork, and some were added by veterans and their families. Additions and corrections are welcome - please contact

Click any of the links at left to see that portion of the crew list. The names are listed alphabetically, and include rates and dates of service (where known).

Some notes:

"(P)" following the dates of service indicates a Torsk Plankowner, a crewmember who commissioned Torsk in 1944.

"*" indicates information is needed for that field.

(Last Updated 2/5/2019)

Brothers Len and Jack Glendenning aboard Torsk, 1950 and 2001