In memory of

Joseph Grant Snow SN1

 July 10, 1924 -January 4, 1945

Joseph Grant Snow was lost overboard from USS Torsk SS-423 during a training dive on January 4, 1945, in the Atlantic Ocean off Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Snow was acting as a lookout on the bridge, and when the dive was called he did not make it down into the Conning Tower before the hatch was closed. His dive station was on the dive planes in the Control Room, which another crew member took over quickly as Torsk was diving. He was not missed until 8:30pm that evening. It was determined that he was likely lost on the sixth dive of the day. His body was never recovered.

Joseph Grant Snow SN1 was the only wartime loss Torsk experienced.

An investigation was held on the accident, and Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal made a report to the House Naval Affairs Committee. In that report, Forrestal noted that this was the first day of underwater operations for Torsk, and that "new boats are inclined to place too much emphasis on clearing the bridge rapidly too early in their training period." The report recommended that practice dives "should be carried out without attempting to submerge within the standard diving time until after the crew has been thoroughly drilled." The recommendations in the report were adopted by the Navy. For more information please see the links to the left.

 A note from J. Grant Snow's family:

“It is a privilege to share J. Grant’s story. We realize that J. Grant is just one of many lost in the service of our country, but perhaps his story can help us remember and recognize that each one lost is more than just a name or number. They were our friends, our family, and our loved ones. They each have a story”.


This page would not have been possible without the assistance of  J. Grant Snow's sister Glennda Snow Estes, and niece Cathy Peterson, who provided many of the photographs and history contained here.