Memorials to Joseph Grant Snow SN1


There is a memorial to J Grant Snow located on board USS Torsk SS-423 in Baltimore, MD. This is Cathy Peterson (Snow's niece) and her family while visiting in April 2016.

The memorial has been aboard for many years, and was requested by Marilyn Snow Holt (J Grant's Sister) when she visited in 1981 or 82 and found that no one at the museum was aware of the loss. Fortunately, a Torsk shipmate of J Grant, Mr Alfred Kamieniecki, was aboard for a visit and confirmed that J Grant was lost in 1945. The memorial was placed aboard shortly after.


A small memorial stone is attached to J Grant Snow's parents grave in the cemetary in St George, Utah.



There is a Meditation Chapel located at Memory Park in Salt Lake City, Utah, near the State Capital buidling. A small stone plaque is located here in memory of J Grant Snow, along with nearly 300 other plaques. The Chapel was dedicated on July 21, 1948 and was a gift from the family of Ross Beason (who died when his figher plane crashed off Italy). The newspaper article states "Especially does it revere those native-born Uthahns who have no known grave or whose markers were oblilterated by the surge of seas or battle."

Inscribed on a bronze scroll at the Chapel are these words:

Beneath the waves of distant seas, and on foreign

soil not marked as grave or tomb,

your mortal bodies lie; but your spirits are returned

and enshrined in your heart's home in this fair land.

Tranquil be your sleep and sweet and fair your dreams,

 our cherished sons come rest.

For them, dear lone ones, do not grieve! They now make

heavenly skies more bright. By day they

walk in God's warm smile, their cradle is His heart, by night.


Joseph Grant Snow's name is on the Wall of Remembrance at the National Submarine Memorial East, in Groton, CT