USS Torsk SS-423

Navy Day, New York City



The boat to the left is probably USS Piper SS-409, with USS Sealion SS-315 against the pier.


USS Spinax SS-489 is the boat to the left - note the large radar antenna behind the periscope shears and the other radar antenna's on the after deck.

USS Torsk SS-423 is to the right.

USS Sealion SS-315 to the left, with USS Piper SS-409 to the right.


A view looking down the pier at all four boats. USS Piper SS-409 is the boat nearest to the camera.


USS Petrel ASR-14, a submarine rescue vessel, took part in the Navy Day festivities.


USS Tringa ASR-16, another submarine rescue vessel.

Note the McCann rescue chamber on the deck of Tringa, just above the two ladies walking in the center of the photo.


A final view looking down the side of USS Piper SS-409.