USS Torsk Photo Album

The following photographs taken by Howard Hershberger are protected by copyright 2002. They may not be published in any form or reproduced, except for personal use, without the permission of Howard Hershberger.


Interior shots, taken aboard Torsk by Howard Hershberger, 1954.



Looking aft in the Conning Tower.


A view of the forward end of the Conning Tower, showing the helm, motor order telegraphs, compass repeater and other navigation equipment.


A color mural on the hull in the Wardroom, placed there by ENS Howard Hershberger to brighten up the compartment.


In the Wardroom, this "Brosme-Brosme" centerfold graced the bulkhead above the magazine racks. The plaques on either side were given to Torsk by crews of visiting submarines.