USS Torsk (SS-423) Photo Album

This series comes from Clint Cummings SO3, who served aboard Torsk from 1953 to 1955.

Torsk on the Thames in New London.


Torsk crew on deck. Facing the camera (L to R) are B. L. Atkinson ETSN, Robert R. Seigel RMSA, Herb Forger FT3 (hands in back pockets) and Chief of the Boat Abner Reed in khaki. Behind Reed is H. E. Anderson EMFN.


Shooting clay pigeons from the deck. The shooter is Bob Brison SO1. The officer on the left LCDR "Dutch" Shulz, the XO of Torsk. On the right is LTJG St. Lawrence.


Torsk crew on the bridge (L to R), Thomas J. Georgis RMSN, J T Syphers CMSN, William J. McNally, Jr. END3, Herb Forger FT3.