Operation Inland Seas

In 1959, the St. Lawrence Seaway that connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Great Lakes was opened. Twenty-eight US ships, called Task Force 47, were sent on a goodwill cruise to show the residents of this area how the US Atlantic Fleet operated. Over 8,000 sailors, 1,500 Marines and almost 1,100 Naval Academy and NROTC midshipmen were embarked on the ships of the Task Force. Rear Admiral Edmund B. Taylor commanded, flying his flag in the destroyer USS Willis A Lee DL-4. The largest ship of the fleet was by far the heavy cruiser USS Macon CA-134, which in addition to her main armament of nine 8-inch guns in turrets, was also armed with the Regulus Missile. Four submarines including Torsk participated in the cruise. Queen Elizabeth was embarked on the Royal Yacht Britannia, and led the fleet at the opening ceremonies in Lake St. Louis on June 26, 1959.

The photographs below are taken from the official Operation Inland Seas Cruise Book, courtesy of Torsk crew member Don Lichty TM3 1944-45.


Cover of the Operation Inland Seas Cruise Book. USS Macon can be seen as she barely squeezes through one of the locks!




Torsk was under the command of LCDR Evans P K "Polly" King during this cruise.


RD3 L. D. Mathis shows torpedo tubes to the children of Mr. and Mrs. F. Roll while visiting Buffalo, NY.

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