Welcome to the USS Torsk SS-423 Photo Album!

We hope you enjoy looking at our collection of photographs of Torsk during her 24 years of active service with the
US Navy, her continuing service as a Naval Reserve Trainer for three years and finally as a museum and memorial
to the Silent Service in Baltimore, MD.

Many of these photographs have been contributed by Torsk crew members, or family of crew members. Others are
 from research through various sources such as National Archives and Records Center in College Park, MD, the
Naval Historical Center in Washington, DC and other similar archives.

Click the links to the left to see the photographs.

Do you have photographs, articles or other documents about Torsk? We'd love to get copies for our archives. Please
contact us at volunteer@usstorsk.org  . All originals will be returned if you
desire, or they can be donated to our archival collection aboard Torsk.

Thank you!