Complete Coffee Urn- S. Blickman Size 4 Type E

Coffee Urn parts (S.Blickman Size 4 Type E)- filters, gauge glasses, spigots, heating elements, gauges, etc.

Galley Equipment - USN marked stainless steel pots, pans, ladles, spatulas, spoons, etc.

Mixer Parts (Grinder, etc.)

Enlisted Dishes - Coffee mugs - Pyrex with two blue stripes.

Officer's China - Serving Pieces - Shenango Fouled Anchor

Knives - SILCO USNOfficer’s Silverware – Serving Pieces - International Silver King's Pattern

Coffee, flour and sugar cans (large ones) - empty or full

Jukebox wall unit (diner style) - Seeburg 3W1

Bunks (Pipe Type)

Torpedo Skid Pull-Out Bunks Portsmouth Style

Blankets, Gray Wool USN and Tan USN

Rack bags (submarine laundry bags with straps)

Stainless Steel Urinal

Galley Range Parts (Heating Elements, Knobs, etc)

Submarine Toilet Flapper Valves & Handles

Wardroom Pantry Coffee Urn/Carafe

Record Player (Mid 1960’s era “suitcase” style)

Coffin Bunk Drawers