1/7 MC Speakers (Circular Type Only)

Growlers (Older “Box” Style Only)

Dive/Collision/General Alarm Contact Makers & Handles

1MC Parts/Tubes (See Electronics Section for Tube List)

1/7 MC Microphones

31 MC Speaker/Mic (Older Vacuum Tube Style Only)

1MB and 2MB Motor Order Telegraph Transmitter Assemblies

Dive Angle Indicators

Knot Meters

Rudder Angle Indicators

I/C Switchboard Parts (Switches, Fuse Holders, etc.)

Hatch/Vent Valve Contact Makers & Actuator Rods

Red and green jewels/lenses/prisms for Christmas Tree OR COMPLETE Christmas Tree

0-300v DC Meter

0-150 Amp DC Meter


Stern Plane Emergency Indicator Sending Unit

LS-306/SIC Speaker (Older Style w/Raised Speaker Grill)