USS Torsk SS-423

Wish List

When Torsk was decomissioned in 1968, many items were removed to be used on active submarines, or placed in storage. In the early years in Baltimore, more items disappeared, leaving her bare and looking nothing like what an active submarine would look like.

The Torsk Volunteer Association's goal is restoration and preservation. To meet that goal, we seek items to be used for restoration aboard, as well as maintenance on the systems that do operate. While she will never get underway on her own power, nor will she ever again use her weapons systems, we would like to present Torsk to the visitor in as complete a condition as possible. We have come a long way since 1997, when our work aboard began. But there are still items missing and areas that need attention.

Please check the links to the left to see what items we are seeking. If you have something you are willing to donate, or just have a question about something on the list, feel free to contact us at