Mark 1 Deck Clocks

8” Clock Mounts

24 hour clocks for Sonar & Maneuvering

Equipment Manuals (Copies or Originals)

16mm films, early 1960's content, entertaining or training, reprints OK

Any Shipboard nuts/bolts/screws. Stainless, Brass or Monel

Interior Deck Plates (Stainless, diamond tread)

Deck plate large bevel headed screws

Deck Access Hatch Hinges and Latches. Monel, Stainless or Bronze

1960's uniform items such as pants, jumpers, neckerchiefs, t-shirts, dungarees, socks, white hats, shoes, medals, ribbons, foul weather clothing, etc for display purposes. 

Inclinometers and Clinometers (Bubble & Pendulum Style)

Removable Decking For Escape Trunk (Stainless Steel Diamond Plate)

WTD Hardware (Fittings, Latches, Handles, Gaskets etc.)

Hatch Hardware (Fittings, Latches, Handles, Gaskets etc.)

Door Fixtures (Knobs, Latches, Hinges, etc. for Head/AB/Closet Doors)

Bridge Jacks & Fixtures (, SP Phone, Searchlight, Power, Seats, etc.)  

Stateroom Toothbrush Holders

Butt Kits & Brackets

Deck Hatch Hold/Release Mechanisms

GE Cubicle Logos

Coffee Cup Holders