AT- 497 Whip Antennas (Need 2) or AS-1287/BRC Whip Antenna (Need 2)

AT-350/BRC Side Mount Whip Antenna w/Fairings

Collins CV-731/URC Converter-Oscillator for the Collins KWT-6 (AN-URC-32B) Transceiver

Stromberg-Carlson RBS-1 Radio Receiver – does not need to work, it is needed for parts

Rotary Selector Switch 7 pole, 4-position originally manufactured by P.R. Mallory

AN/CRT-3 or AN/CRT-3A Transmitter (Need 2)

AT-774/UR Emergency Whip Antenna



R-390A/URR HF radio receiver 

Top and bottom covers for the R-390A/URR

AN/URC-32 service repair tool kit

AN/URC-32 Antenna Network Unit 180U-2

AN/URC-32 components, accessories, cabling

Any other AN/URC-32A parts

Navy Morse code keys: J-36, C**25012A

RBO-3 Receiver

C-1164/BLR-1 Antenna Controller (need 2)

Pull-Out Equipment Shelves

CY2416/U Equipment Cabinet/Rack

C-1138B/UR Radio Control Set (need 3)

CU-402/SRT Transmitter Coupler

Teletype 120 VDC power supply 

Navy Type 23500 Radiophone Unit  

T-616/SRT or T-347/SRT VHF/UHF Emergency Radio Buoy (Need 2)

Dynamotor DMDFX 414T for the AN/ARC-27 UHF transceiver

Power Supply PP-2100 for the AN/ARC-27 UHF transceiver

Headphones, Standard Navy 600 ohm types 49109, 49106B, or 49034

Teletype Test Set

Parts for any of the above listed equipment.