NOTE: any weapons or portions of weapons MUST BE De-Militarized! We do not have live weapons on board!

Bridge TBT, TBT Mount, & TBT Parts

Any Torpedo (MK14, MK16, MK18, MK27, MK28, MK37, MK45, etc)

Any Torpedo Parts (IE-an afterbody for display partially in tube)

Any Torpedo and Torpedo Loading Tools

MK10 Mine

Torpedo Skids Portsmouth Style

Topside Torpedo Loading Skid

Kollmorgen Periscope Parts (Eyepieces, optics, etc. for Type 2 &/or Type 8B Scopes)

Periscope Camera

USN Binoculars 70x50

Non-Working (De-Milled) Firearms for display purposes only (1911A1, M1, Thompson, M14, etc)

NAVOL Monitor (MK25 Indicator Panel)

Torpedo Tube Vent & Blow Manifold Parts (Handles, Levers, Valve Assembles, etc)

Torpedo Tube Drain Valve Handles

Torpedo Straps

Torpedo Handling Equipment (Nosecones, Slewing Tools, etc.)

Block and tackle, manila rope & hardware for torpedo loading.

Torpedo Impulse Panel Valve Handles

Torpedo Tube Breech Door Gaskets

Torpedo Tube Sight Glass Assemblies

Torpedo Firing Panel (CT) Lenses & Switch Knobs

Torpedo Rollers

Torpedo Tube Nomenclature Plates

Mine Table Drawers

Torpedo Tube Poppet Valve Emergency Stop Linkage & Handwheels

Torpedo Tube Wrenches (Regular & Ratchet Style)