Torsk Volunteers in New London

November 13, 2004


On Saturday, November 13, several of the Torsk Volunteers were at Sub Base New London to see Richard "Gunz" Mendelson get inducted into the Holland Club (for submariners who have been qualified 50 years or more). Quite a few of us were there - Dave Thames, Mike Eacho, Frank Morgan, Tom Denton, Tracey Johnstone, Chuck Emerson, Jen Emerson, Dave Bergstrom, Jack Glendenning, Len Glendenning, Pete Gunn, Gilbert Bohannon,Tristan Bohannon and Charlie Bohannon. It was a great ceremony and we all enjoyed it. Read on for the pix!

Saturday morning, we woke up and looked out the hotel room to see SNOW!!



We met at the Submarine Force Museum at 0800 to sign in and get our badges.

John Wynn met us there and made sure everyone was taken care of.



Charlie and Tristan check out the nuclear submarine control room exhibit in the museum, before we boarded the vans for the trip to Dealey Center.



A view across the parking lot towards the George Washington sail while we were waiting for the van.



At Dealey Center, Frank Morgan and Dave Thames talk with Tom Denton while we were waiting for the ceremonies to begin.