Torsk Volunteers Road Trip


March 11, 2000


 The Torsk Volunteers took a road trip over the weekend of March 11-12, 2000. We went to USS COD SS -224 in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday. We spent the night aboard COD, and then left snowy Cleveland on Sunday morning for Pittsburgh and REQUIN. A stopover at Bob Garlock's place near Breezewood capped off a great weekend.

Read on for the pictures !


We arrived at COD in the early afternoon on Saturday. COD was closed to the public, so we had her all to ourselves. Paul Farace met us and gave us the red carpet treatment. COD is in beautiful shape - definitely the best boat we have seen to date!


Guns was beside himself when he saw the 5"25 gun mount on COD's after deck. Paul let us unlock the barrel mount, and train and elevate the gun!


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