Strip Ship

USS Orion AS-18

On January 10, 2000 the Torsk Volunteers visited the James River Reserve Fleet to remove parts from USS Orion AS-18 for use aboard Torsk. The view above shows only part of the large group of ships that rest in the Reserve Fleet.


Take a look and see what "Mother Onion" looks like now, some 7 years after her decommissioning. She is in the center of a nest of approximately 14 ships, sandwiched between USS GILMORE and AMERICAN BANKER. She has been pretty well stripped of most of her equipment, though there are still aomw items left in the Machine Shops and the Engineering spaces.

We managed to get quite a lot of the parts we needed, such as fuses, fans, battle lanterns, and even a klaxon. We also marked larger items for a return trip. Many thanks to all the Volunteers who went on the trip and to the James River Reserve Fleet staff for their assistance. Special thanks goes to "Butch" who was our guide while aboard and went out of his way to help out. Special thanks also to Roger Warden, our newest Volunteer, who attended to Frank Palmer when a falling hatch broke Frank's leg.


Here are the pix!!!