Torsk Work Weekend

May 29-31, 1998

The weekend of May 29-31, 1998 saw the first Torsk Work Weekend. Conceived by Michael Wheeler (Wheels), and planned on Ron Martini's BBS, the weekend saw subvets from all over the nation coming in to do maintenance aboard Torsk, and to meet their fellow BBS members. Several projects were completed, including replacing rotted plywood on the deck, identifying sound powered phone problems, and torpedo tube checkout. The evenings were spent in Baltimore, enjoying the beer at the Baltimore Brewery, or visiting the Harborplace Pavilions. On Saturday, Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy James Herdt and his wife Sharon visited Torsk and spoke with the participants on various issues. All in all, it was a GREAT weekend for all who came!!

Read on below for images taken Friday, Saturday and Sunday aboard Torsk and Taney. If anyone wants to add any shots, let me know!!!

Group Picture on Deck

Front row (L to R): Pam Overmann (curator of the Maritime Museum), Jim Mandelblatt, MCPON Jim Herdt, Bob "Hoppy Poppy" Pleau, John Kill, and Cool Bob Berry

Rear row (L to R): Richard Mendelson, Skibo, John Sigler, Dan Dreisbach, John Cole, Mike "Wheels" Wheeler (behind John Cole), Ray "Olgoat" Stone, Rod, Bill McGlinn, Gilbert Bohannon.

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