Torsk Work Weekend V

May 19-21, 2000


 Torsk Work Weekend 5 was our biggest to date. Almost 60 people attended throughout the weekend. This shot shows most of the gang topside just after the memorial service Saturday.

We accomplished a lot of work, including:

Moving our MK14 torpedo to Matt's shop for restoration.

Electrical/lighting repairs.

New bunks installed in After Battery.

Pump Room cleaned.

Conning Tower cleaned and painting started.

Engine work.

Moved and installed after skid rails and mine table.

Ventilation damper work.

Tested boat's original Emergency Light System on 120v AC.

Sound Powered Phone system work.

Cleaning and painting in FTR bilges.

Field day in Galley.

Inspected refrigeration plant for possible restoration.

Radio ops on Saturday and Sunday.



Unfortunately, the topside deck work was rained out, but will proceed as soon as possible.


Read on to see some pix from the weekend. Larry Derouin, Tom Miller, Bruce Broseker and Gil Bohannon contributed the images.


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