Torsk Work Weekend 9

May 31, June 1-2, 2002


Torsk Work Weekend 9 showed our largest attendance to date, with 77 volunteers from all over the country in  Baltimore to spend the weekend working on Torsk. Our primary focus was topside painting, with additional work below deck. See the list below for details of work accomplished. 

Group picture taken Saturday morning before the memorial ceremony. This is only about half the crew!

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Bruce Broseker, Leslie Broseker, Gilbert Bohannon, Dave Thames, Mike Eacho, John Wynn, Jon Krup, Jim Flanders, Cal Moon, Larry Walker, Bob Gawe, Joe Roche, Ken Hottenstein, Kenny Hottenstein, Harry Bryant, Bill Derouin , Harry “mOOse” Moore, Gil “Stewburner” Cabrall, Jim Christley, John Kill, *Bill “Billy Bob”/”Launcher” Lary, Bob Johnson, Jim Wright, Ian Slepian , John “Gumba” Carcioppolo, Frank Palmer, Bob “Cool Bob” Berry, Jim Adams, Ashley Adams, Glenn Herold, Tom McNulty, Larry “Doc” Derouin, Jim Mandelblatt, John Biesecker, Nick Yokanovich, Brian Flynn, Al Becker, Pete Stafford, Ed Winner, Frank Morgan, Tracey Hamilton, Pete Ouellette (+1), Ric Hedman, Neil Bellenger, Fred Polgardy,  Jim “Stash” Payton, Shirley Payton, Bill Baxter, Brian Spaulding, Ed Cockburn, Al Freund, Doug Niessen, Bob Adler, Steve Adler, Fred Engle, Al Perez, Bob Miller, Tom Miller, Richard “Doc” Beeghly, Jackie Donaldson, Robert “Dex” Armstrong, Solveig Armstrong, Dave Stoops, Tracey Johnstone, Richard Cohen, Tom Denton, Ron “Warshot” Smith, Georgianna Smith, Bob Sleighter, Mike Jeter, Harry Parker, Ray “OlGoat” Stone, Sherri Peck, Tim Calvert, Dave Ranlet



1. Supported sanitary 2 pump out alterations.
2. Installed disconnect switch and reconnected air conditioner power.  Started air conditioner and found that there is no refrigerant charge.  Air conditioner blows outside air into the boat without cooling it.
3. Old jackstaff was taken down, and floodlight that was mounted on top of it was stowed in the bridge area.  .
4. Stainless steel jackstaff from Sailfish was installed in place of the old jackstaff.  Jackstaff light was also installed but needs to be wired to light circuit.  Continuity between power panel in Conning Tower and cable on bow is broken and needs to be troubleshot
5. Forward decorative light circuit was rewired.  Control eye and watertight junction box are mounted on a forward port life line support.
6. Floodlight from bow buoyancy tank was removed.  Some junk PVC piping and wood was also removed.
7. Bow buoyancy tank was thoroughly cleaned and pressure washed.  Discovered that the bottom of the tank was seriously corroded. There are numerous holes rusted through to the torpedo tube void area, several of the frames supporting the bow buoyancy tank are seriously rusted at the point they join the tank bottom, and at the after side of the tank, a crack extends across from side to side.
8. Pigeon netting was reinstalled over limber holes in bow buoyancy tank.
9. Bull-nose area and topside of the bow including the top of the emergency buoy were thoroughly chipped, wire brushed, and primed.
10. Top of superstructure along port side from the bow to the docent shack was chip to bare metal, wire brushed, ground, and primed.  Much of the edge of the superstructure that meets the decking has rusted away.  The deck under one lifeline support is so badly corroded that the support can be rocked back and forth.  The deck supports are also badly corroded in this area.
11. Side of superstructure along port side was chipped, wire brushed, and primed from just forward of the sail to just aft of the docent shack.  Many holes are corroded through the superstructure.
12. Tank top along port side from just forward of the sail to just aft of the docent shack was chipped, wire brushed, and primed. Many seriously rusted spots were found especially around the bottom of superstructure supports.  Many of the rusted spots were pitted to a depth of at least 1/8".
13. Chipped, wire brushed and primed some spots on the after end of the sail.
14. Thoroughly cleaned and repainted the port side of the lower FTR flats.
15. Cover was removed from torpedo gyro panel in FTR and the paint was stripped from it.  Further cleaning needed before it can be reinstalled.
16. Restrung one of the bunks in FTR.
17. Pantry waterways were repainted.
18. Pantry overhead and bulkheads were repainted.
19. Officer staterooms were cleaned.  Desk and cabinets in XO stateroom, JO stateroom, and CO stateroom were cleaned.
20. The desk in the JO's stateroom was repainted.
21. Cabinets in Wardroom were thoroughly cleaned.
22. Removed the magazine key box for repair.
23. The face of the wardroom sound powered phone growler was stripped.
24. All watertight doors operating mechanisms were cleaned, lubricated, and operated.  All doors can be dogged with a push of the finger except the FER door.  That door closes and dogs easily, but hinge pin is worn causing some play.  Operating mechanism is somewhat sticky.
25. The operating mechanisms for all hatches were cleaned, lubricated and operated until they actuated smoothly.  Latching mechanism for the lower FTR escape trunk hatch was repaired so the latch works.
26. Operating mechanism for the FTR and ATR doghouse doors were cleaned, lubricated, and operated.
27. Removed dogs from bridge deck door.  Dogs need to be repaired and reinstalled, then, bridge access door will be operational.
28. Reinstalled pigeon netting along port side from docent hack to just forward of sail with the exception of two spots where line lockers are located.
29. Work on periscope continued.  Periscope clamp installed on #1 scope.
30. Fabricated and installed a block under #1 scope.
31. Used hydraulic jack to attempt to free #1 scope.  Scope still would not lift.  Appears scope has settled several inches onto wedges.  Wedges were found and began the task of drilling them out.  If clearance around scope can be increased by about  ¼", it should lift. More work needed to drill out wedges.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TURN SCOPE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!
32. Paint stripped from locker doors in ATR.
33. Sonar was thoroughly cleaned and new CD player was purchased and installed.  New sound recording is now playing in Sonar. Contacts for timer were also received, but not installed.
34. The URC-32 in Radio was assembled.
35. Work was done on the long wire antenna.
36. Sound powered phones in all compartments were tested and found to be working.
37. Reconnected some of the wires to the growler selector switch in the Wardroom growler.
38. Sound powered phone growlers in all compartments were tested.  Found a bad speaker in crew's mess growler and a few other small problems here and there, but overall the growlers all work.  This was a big effort that required one person in each compartment.
39. Lube oil transfer pump in FER was overhauled, reassembled, and reinstalled.  The motor was remounted to the after starboard bulkhead.  It was discovered that it had been improperly installed some time in the past.
40. The fuel oil transfer pump was removed.  It was discovered that the impeller is bound.  Pump was removed from the boat to determine if it can be repaired.
41. The main engine speed control governor for main engine #2 was removed for shipping to FM for overhaul.
42. The 20 fuel injection pumps were removed from #2 main engine for overhaul.
43. FER clean fuel oil tank was opened and inspected.  It is in good condition and can be used after flushing with clean fuel oil. 
44. Moved spare parts from FER lower level to AER lower level.
45. Cycled the inboard exhaust valve on #2 Main Engine.
46. Repaired FER locker.
47. Performed and general cleanup of FER and AER.
48. Removed Fuel injector from #5 cylinder outboard on #2 Main Engine to determine liner adapter gasket condition.  
49. All videos in archives were catalogued.



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