Torsk Work Weekend 12

September 29-October 2, 2005


Torsk Work Weekend 12 was a great success! We met some new members of the crew this year, and enjoyed the company of old friends as well. To see the pix from the weekend, just click to enter the forward escape trunk hatch and go below and join the gang.

Read on below the photo to see the list of who attended and the list of accomplishments.


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Torsk Work Weekend 12 Crew

Bruce Broseker, Gil Bohannon, Mike Eacho, Dave Thames, Frank Morgan, John Biesecker, Al Becker, Tim Calvert, Larry Derouin, Cathy Steiner, Bill Derouin, Jen Emerson, John Wynn, Art Mary, Richard Mendelson, Neil Bellenger, Milt Smith, Ken Hottenstein, Kenny Hottenstein, Bill Baxter, John Kill, Don Morton, Bob Hopkins, Bob Gawe, John Pettingell, Darrin Singer, Joe Roche, Stan Jones, Bill McGlinn, Tracey Johnstone, Ron Heister, Mark Fischer, Brian Flynn, Tracey Hamilton, Paul Meinke, Brian Wynn, Ian Slepian, Michael Slepian, Nick Yokanovich, Jason Eacho, Jackie Donaldson, Allison ??, Gary Steinhaus,  Tom Denton, Charles Walker, Theresa Walker, Rich Basera, Miles Axtel, Dave Bergstrom, Joe Katusich, Michael Naughton, Al Freund, Ron Exell


Torsk Work Weekend 12 Accomplishments

1.      Mooring lines were replaced.

2.      Bow buoyancy tank was pressure washed.

3.      Gutters along the port and starboard sides of the ballast tank tops were pressure washed.

4.      Inside of sail was pressure washed.

5.      Spotlight and all associated wiring removed from back of sail.

6.      Ropework on the hand rail at the Control Room to Forward Battery WT door was replaced.

7.      Cable clamps for wireway along the starboard side of FTR were reattached.

8.      Shelves for the electronics and the flat surfaces on the after, port inboard side of the Control Room were prepped, primed, and painted.

9.      The stainless steel plates outboard of the Crew’s Head showers were reinstalled.

10.  Door frame for the storage locker outboard of the Crew’s Head showers was repaired.

11.  Paint was removed from the meter faces, switch handles, light, and switch labels on the Temperature monitoring panels for Main Engine #3.

12.  Oil tank top aft of Main Engine #2 was cleaned.

13.  Drain pump priming pump in Maneuvering was painted.

14.  Pyro locker was prepped for painting, primed, and painted.

15.  The tile deck inside the barrier in ATR was scrubbed.

16.  Paint was stripped from the metal deck plates forward of tubes #9 and #10.

17.  The torpedo skid in ATR was prepped for painting and painted.

18.  The dogging mechanism on all watertight doors were lubricated, and cycled.

19.  The dogging mechanism on all exterior hatches were lubricated, and cycled.

20.  The following valves were lubricated and cycled:

·      Main engine #4 outboard exhaust

·      Main engine #4 inboard exhaust

·      Main engine #3 inboard exhaust

·      Main engine #1 inboard exhaust

21.  The following valves were lubricated and cycled:

·      FTR supply bulkhead flapper

·      Forward battery exhaust bulkhead flapper

·      AER supply bulkhead flapper

·      ATR supply bulkhead flapper

·      ATR exhaust bulkhead flapper

22.  Light bulbs replaced in FER emergency light fixtures.

23.  Growler repaired in Maneuvering.

24.  DC light in pyro locker reconnected to ATR DC lighting panel.

25.  Rig for red light reconnected to ATR DC lighting panel, and red globe was installed. 

26.  Utility receptacle over torpedo tube #7 was repaired.

27.  Utility receptacle in forward stbd corner of ATR was moved from inside of pyro locker to outside the locker, its original position.  Receptacle was replaced.

28.  Inop amber submarine warning light was removed from the top of sail in preparation for replacement.

29.  Many lights throughout the boat were relamped.

30.  Repaired fluorescent light fixture in the Yeoman’s shack.

31.  Three new four-tube fluorescent light fixtures were installed in After Battery Well.

32.  Troubleshot inoperative light fixture in forward starboard corner of FTR.

33.  Installed new, switched, utility receptacle at the breech of torpedo tube #1 in FTR.

34.  Installed new tube lighting in torpedo tube #1.

35.  Placed pink, sonarman-grade curtains over Sonar room door.

36.  Temporarily repaired the fold-up sink in FTR.

37.  Installed new water pressure regulator with overpressure relief valve and pressure gauge into shore water connection in FTR.

38.  Troubleshot and repaired the 21MC units in Sonar, Conning Tower, and Wardroom.  Replaced lamps and tubes in those units and the unit in Plot.

39.  Replaced the fuses, fuses holders, and batteries in the 31MC amplifier in FTR.  Battery wired to amplifier.

40.  Tested and replaced tubes in the 1MC/7MC.  Began troubleshooting of system.

41.  Continued troubleshooting and repair of the Engine Order System.

42.  Scrubbed and mopped decks in ATR, Maneuvering, Crew’s Berthing, Crew’s Mess, Galley, and Control Room.

43.  Modified Radar drive motor coupling to reduce noise and vibration.

44.  Straightened the yoke for #1 periscope.  The yoke had been seriously bent.

45.  Reassembled #1 periscope using the repaired yoke.

46.  Replaced lamps in the Sonar consoles.

47.  Removed and cleaned the hydrophone and lowered it back into the harbor.


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