Torsk Work Weekend 13

October 5-8, 2006


Unfortunately, nobody submitted any photos (with the exception of Joe Roche) so we really don't have any to post!


Volunteers Attending:

Bruce Broseker, Gilbert Bohannon, Dave Thames, Mike Eacho, Frank Morgan, Larry "TorskDoc" Derouin, Bill Derouin, John Wynn, Neil Bellenger, John Kill, Darrin Singer,
Bill McGlinn, Bob Gawe, Bob Flora, John Biesecker, Bill Baxter , John Pettingell, Charles Cross, Robert Hopkins, Ian Slepian, Michael Slepian, Frank Scaffido, Jim Reeb I, Jim Reeb II, Joe Roche, Richard "Guns" Mendelson, Al Freund, Cathy Steiner, Rich Basera, Al Becker, Tracey Hamilton, Len Glendening, Ken Johnson, Robin Greer, Steve Doerk, Tracey Johnstone, , Wayne Swiech,
Meredith Daniel, Tom Denton, Mike Armstrong



      Despite the rain, the Torsk Work Weekend of October 5 though 8 of 2006 turned out to be one of the more successful work weekends.  We had a great group of hard workers who completed a number of dirty jobs.  The following is a list of tasks that were completed: 

1.      The 21MC in SONAR, Wardroom, and Conning Tower were tested and made operational.  The 21MC in Plot is still inoperable and needs troubleshooting to determine why it blows fuses. 

2.      The input transformer and several resistors for Power Amplifier A of the 1MC/7MC were replaced and the Dive, General and Collision Alarms are now operational.  The voice annunciation portion of the 1MC/7MC is still inoperable and needs troubleshooting to determine the cause.  All microphones were tested.  Some were found to need further repair. 

3.      All watertight doors were lubricated and cycled.

4.      The forward escape trunk door and hatch were lubricated and cycled.

5.      The forward escape trunk drain and flood valve operating mechanism was lubricated and cycled.

6.      The inboard exhaust valves on all 4 main engines were cycled. 

7.      The Ship�s Hull Supply Valve was made operable after years of rust were overcome. 

8.      The after bulkhead of the Maneuvering Room, the lathe support, and the controller cabinets for the 60 cycle MG sets located along the after Maneuvering Room bulkhead were all cleaned, prepped, primed, and painted in preparation for the installation of the lathe. 

9.      A lathe found and recovered from the USS Des Moines was installed in Maneuvering and painted.  Frank and Gilbert fabricated the oil drip tray on which the lathe was installed.

10.  The electrical locker mounted on the Maneuvering Room after bulkhead was removed, thoroughly cleaned, paint removed, and reinstalled. 

11.  The portion of the forward bulkhead in the Motor Room between the main motors was cleaned and painted.  Some touch up work is needed and then, the forward bilge needs to be prepped and primed. 

12.  Preparation for painting in the after portion of the Motor Room continued.  This is a huge and dirty job.  Years of neglect have left this area a terrible mess.

13.  The oil purifier in the after starboard corner of the Forward Engine Room was cleaned, prepped, and painted, as was the generator housing on #1 Diesel Generator and the deck under the generator and purifier. 

14.  The oil purifier in the after port corner of the Forward Engine Room was cleaned and prepped for painting.  The high visitor traffic over the weekend prevented painting of this purifier. 

15.  The Eagle Scouts did touch-up painting in the Forward Engine Room completing the work they started several weeks ago.

16.  Many of the inspection covers for the #1 and #2 Diesel Generators were prepped and painted. 

17.  Hundreds of fuses recovered from the Orion were cleaned, tested, and sorted.  Many other recovered electrical repair parts were sorted. 

18.  A crew worked all weekend on the #1 periscope.  This involved climbing into practically inaccessible areas of the sail and working in the dark and cold.  The scope now turns freely. 

19.  The switch handles on the IC switchboard were repainted.  The handles were painted red, yellow, and white to indicate when certain circuits were to be energized. 

20.  General alarm contactor box in the Control Room was repainted yellow. 

21.  The submarine warning lamp control box was tested and reinstalled in the Control Room. 

22.  The waterway in the Control Room under the Conning Tower ladder was cleaned and repainted. 

23.  The waterway along the port side of the Control Room was cleaned. 

24.  The electronics racks on the port and starboard sides of the periscope shears were repainted. 

25.  Missing light lenses on the Rig for Dive and Hull Opening indicator panels were replaced.  Several had been stolen by visitors.

26.  The Radio Room was painted. 

27.  The forward bulkhead of the conning tower and the equipment on the forward bulkhead of the conning tower were cleaned and prepped for painting. 

28.  Troubleshooting of the light outboard #3 torpedo tube continued.  The source of power to the torpedo room lights was identified, but the problem could not be isolated.  The neutral lead to the light is somehow disconnected.  The light switch is working intermittently, but that is not the cause of the problem.  More troubleshooting is needed to determine where the neutral lead is disconnected. 

29.  Lights on the SONAR consoles in the Sonar Shack were replaced. 

30.  Relamping of light fixtures on the boat continued all weekend.

31.  Mooring lines were adjusted.

32.  Several zincs were replaced topside.

33.  A tremendous amount of metal polishing and housecleaning was accomplished in the after engine room. 

34.  Thanks to John Kill for donating a Sonar Girls jumper and skirt, oops I mean trousers, and a white hat that are now displayed in the sonar shack.

35.  Thanks to Cathy Steiner, Tracey Johnstone (Evil Tracey), Tracey Hamilton (Good Tracey?), John Biesecker, Dave Thames, and our Neighborhood Jar Head, Jim Reeb, for cooking, providing supplies, and running around to make sure work progressed, and to our ship�s chaplain, Dick Mendelson for the tolling of the bell ceremony..


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