Torsk Work Weekend 15

October 2-5, 2008

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Volunteers Attending:

Jim Reeb, Bruce Broseker, Gilbert Bohannon, Dave Thames, Mike Eacho, Frank Morgan, Larry "TorskDoc" Derouin, Bill Derouin, John Biesecker, John Kill, Neil Bellenger, Bill McGlinn, Roger Warden, Cathy Steiner, Greg Cotton, Al Becker, Brian Flynn, Chris Gossweiler, Darrin Singer,  Al Freund, Roy Ator, Jackie Donaldson, Tim Calvert, Carsten Western, Heath Eacho, Jason Eacho, Jaime Eacho, Shea Brown, Ken Hottenstein, Kenny Hottenstein, Bob Gawe, Bill Baxter, George Vest, Jack Bishoff, Jack Gollick, Tom Innocenti, Ron Exell, John Exell, Tracey Johnstone, Mike Slepian, Ian Slepian, Jim Mandelblatt, Rich Basera, John Pettingell,  Mike Davidsen, Jim Tolan, Don Brown, Chad Lydon, Dennis Dykcman


From Chief Mike:

"I just want to thank each and everyone of you who attended the October Work Weekend. As always, this one was very, very productive. We had a larger than normal number of folks who came Thursday evening and worked all day Friday and Saturday. I will go through all the lists and do a walk through of the boat to come up with a final tally of the weekend accomplishments, but I can tell you that the boat looks much, much better as a result of all your efforts.

The number 1 scope can now be raised and lowered and freely rotated. The superstructure behind both bow planes has been scraped and primed, the waterway on the port side of control has been cleaned and painted, the battle flag and photos in ATR have been hung, the forward part of the conning tower is looking better, many small things like repairing receptacle covers have been completed, radio repairs continued, the crypto safe in radio and one of the benches in control were stripped of paint and brushed to remove the rust, the stub antenna was reinstalled on the #1 scope, and a big safety item, all receptacles in the boat were checked and rewired where necessary to make sure the hot and neutral were correct. You also go some painting done in the engine rooms, many valves in the torpedo rooms were cleaned, overhauled and made operational again, paint was removed from a lot of copper piping and brass electrical power covers, and I could go on and on.

Thank you all for working so hard. As I've said so many times, the crew of the Torsk is the best I've had the privilege to work with.

All of us locals hope that you all had a good time and enjoyed the dinners and social time Friday and Saturday evenings. We hope you all will return not just for the Work Weekends, but any time you can make it to Baltimore on a Saturday.

Thanks again for coming, we enjoyed the time we got to spend with you."


Work Weekend Accomplishments:

      The following is a brief summary of the tasks that were completed by the Torsk Volunteers during the weekend of October 2 through October 5:


·         Chipped and wire brushed the bow planes operating mechanism in the Forward Torpedo Room to remove old paint and rust.  Then cleaned and primed the bow planes operating mechanism in preparation for painting.

·         Chipped and wire brushed the bilges under the forward torpedo tubes to remove old paint and rust.

·         Painted the starboard bulkhead aft of torpedo tubes 1, 3, and 5.

·         Removed oil, cleaned, prepared, and primed the port waterway in the Control Room.

·         Chipped and wire brushed the superstructure around the port and starboard bow planes to remove old paint and rust.  Then cleaned and primed the surfaces in preparation for painting.

·         Cleaned out bird nests and other debris from the hawser pipe and around the anchor and installed wire fencing to keep out the pigeons.

·         Cleaned, prepared, and primed, and painted piping in the forward end of the Forward Engine Room.

·         Chipped and wire brushed the inside of the After Torpedo Room hatch to remove old paint and rust.  Then cleaned and primed the inside of the hatch in preparation for painting.

·         Removed old paint and rust from the crypto safe in Radio in preparation for priming and painting.

·         Removed old paint and rust from the bow planes bench in the Control Room in preparation for priming and painting.

·         Continued scraping, chipping, and wire bushing in the forward end of the Coning Tower to remove the large amount of rust that has seriously deteriorated equipment in the Conning Tower. 
Note: For years the Bridge hatch was left open to allow an air conditioning duct to enter the boat from the Bridge area.  As a result of rain entering the open hatch, the Conning Tower is in a very sorry condition with much of the equipment seriously rusted.

Electrical Safety 

·         Tested all 120 VAC power receptacles in the Forward Torpedo Room, Control Room, After Battery Compartment, Forward Engine Room, After Engine Room, and After Torpedo Room for correct polarity and rewired those receptacles that were incorrectly polarized.
Note:  When the submarine used ungrounded power, polarization was not required.  Now that the ship is connected to a neutral-grounded shore power system, proper polarization of all receptacles and light fixtures is required for safety.

·         Installed missing and replaced broken screws from electrical panels and fixtures in many of the submarines spaces.

·         Installed missing covers and replaced missing chains on covers for DC power receptacles throughout the submarine.
Note:  This was a discrepancy on several NAVSEA inspections.


·         Removed the last obstruction from #1 periscope and the scope is finally able to be raised, lowered and rotated freely.  Lubricated the #1 periscope bearings.

·         Replaced/repaired many of the chains that fasten receptacle covers and fire hose connection covers to their receptacles and fittings.

·         Installed a new stub antenna on the top of #1 periscope.

·         Cleaned and repainted the sonar transducer used to provide harbor sounds in the Control Room.

·         Replaced a missing speaker for the electronic countermeasures system in the Control Room.

·         Replaced several missing 1MC/7MC microphones.

·         Repaired broken locker doors in Crew’s berthing.


·         Repainted the frames on the National Landmark and “Still on Patrol” plaques in After Torpedo Room.  Also shortened the feet on the “Still on Patrol” frame so the frame didn’t take up so much space in the After Torpedo Room.

·         Repainted the frame on the Torsk Battle Flag in After Torpedo Room.

·         Hung the Torsk Battle Flag and the periscope view photos in After Torpedo Room using brass chains, hooks, and eyes instead of picture wire.

·         Cleaned and polished the signal ejector and breech doors on torpedo tubes in After Torpedo Room.


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