Torsk Work Weekend 16

October 1-4, 2009

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Volunteers Attending:

Bruce Broseker, Gilbert Bohannon, Charlie Bohannon, Dave Thames, Mike Eacho, Jaime Eacho, Frank Morgan, Larry “TorskDoc” Derouin, Bill Derouin, John Biesecker, Cathy Steiner, Chuck Weaver, Al Becker, John Kill, Rich Basera, John Basera, Bill McGlinn, John Bishoff, Jack Gollick, Bob Gawe, Bill Baxter, Chuck Logan, Ian Slepian, Mike Slepian, Ken Johnson, Harry “mOOse” Moore, Gil “Stewburner” Cabral, Ron Exell, John Exell, Jim Exell, Jim Tolan, Tom Carty, Ed Del Santo , Jim Reeb, Jackie Donaldson, Mike Davidson, Al Freund, Darrin Singer, Stephanie Dominguez, Tim Calvert, John McKinley, Corey Valis, Tracey Johnstone, Andy McGowen, Nathanial McGowen, Whitney Guthrie, Dan Bassman, Julie Wick, Ben Floyd, Alex Beckemeyer, Megan Schimelphenig,


Thanks to Roy Ator for his generous donation that paid for the beverages and for dinner on Friday evening.

Thanks also to a fantastic crew, both local and remote, for all the hard work and many huge accomplishments.



Work Weekend Accomplishments:

 • Deck structure forward of the Forward Torpedo Room doghouse prepared, primed, and painted. Ready for touch-up painting and deck installation. This effort took many people many hours to complete. Way to go crew!
• BQR-2B sonar console loaded, Sonar cleaned, BQR-2B installed in Sonar, BQR-2B and BQS-4 powered up. Sonar looks fantastic.
• MK45 torpedo loaded and installed in the new skid in the After Torpedo Room. There are now three torpedoes, 2-MK45s and 1-MK27 in the ATR. It's starting to look like a torpedo room. Wee need some mines!
• Pyro locker cleaned and gear restowed.
• Torpedo tube #8 inspected and cleaning started. The tube is full of desiccant and needs to be washed out.
• Paint scraping and cleaning completed over torpedo tube #8.
• Hydraulic oil cleaned up from the waterway under the steering gear pump.
• All space heaters were thoroughly cleaned and prepared for winter use.
• HPAC gauge board in Forward Engine room restored. All gauges were removed, paint was stripped from them, gauges were cleaned, brass was shined, and gauges were re-installed. Gauge board looks fantastic.
• Deck bracing was installed under the deck in Forward Torpedo Room starboard side.
• All bulkhead dampers were cycled.
• Tank tops aft of sail were washed down.
• The deck on Chesapeake was washed down.
• Much of the starboard side of the sail was painted and the Torsk decal was repaired. The sail was in bad shape, but now looks much better.
• Many small items from the hit list, such as replacing missing screws and aligning panel covers were completed.
• Much cleaning throughout the boat was accomplished.
• Some additional artifacts were placed in the new display case.
• Troubleshooting of the 27MC system continued. All stations except Plot are fully functional. Some disconnected wires were found in the box for Plot. We are trying to locate the wiring diagrams so this problem can be corrected.
• Troubleshooting of the 1MC continued. After analyzing the system, it appears that the A power amp board can be swapped with the B power amp board. Hopefully, the transformer in power amp B will work. Everyone enjoyed the sounding of the klaxons.
• Troubleshooting and repair of the RBS HF radio receiver continued. A list of good and bad capacitors was made so that replacements for the bad capacitors could be purchased.
• Periscope restoration continued. An attempt was made to remove the top bearing cover without success.
• TBT stand was taken to Williamsburg for restoration by George Vest. Yes, he’s still around.
• Shower drains in Crew’s Head were cleaned out and are now flowing freely.
• A “lot of engine room crap” was cleaned, polished, and restored.
• Archives work continued.
• Paint removal from HP air manifold continued.
• Continued battery charge in After Battery.
• Galley on Chesapeake deep cleaned.
• Two small water heaters were brought up and donated by DPW Ft. Eustis, Va for future use onboard.
• Ship’s Store sales were tremendous. Over $700 was taken in. This money helps purchase materials and parts for the restoration effort. Thanks everyone


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