Torsk Work Weekend 18

September 30 - October 2, 2011


Work Weekend Pix


The Crew

Charlie Arbaugh, Rich Basera, Al Becker, John Biesecker, Gil Bohannon, Charlie Bohannon, Tristan Bohannon, Bruce Broseker, Shea Brown, Ronald Budins, Greg Cotton, Jeff Cross +1, Mike Davidsen, Tom Denton, Bill Derouin, Larry Derouin, Dennis Dykman, Mike Eacho, Jaime Eacho, Brian Flynn, Kevin Ford, Michelle Ford, Al Freund, Scott Hommel, Tracey Johnstone, John Kill, Nat Little, Sam Little, Bill McGlinn, Mike Malachodi, Dick Mendelson, Frank Morgan, Earl Needhammer, Greg Pancerev, Paul Roggemann, Terry Shaffer, Larry Sibiski, Jane Sibiski, Darrin Singer, Cathy Steiner, Dave Thames, Corey Valis, Roger Warden, Chuck Weaver


Work Weekend Report from Chief Mike Eacho:

Now, the work accomplished:

My thanks to all of you who worked so hard to improve Torsk's material condition. Here are a few of the major accomplishments:

- three torpedo skids were loaded into the flats of FTR
- old, dried up paint was sorted out from good paint. The old paint was tossed, the new paint was stowed.
- the Pyro locker was thoroughly cleaned out. Boy, does it look good.
- the rope locker (or what we had been using as a rope locker) in FTR was thoroughly cleaned out.
- the inside of the sail and bridge area were pressure washed.
- paint was removed from brass objects and the items were polished.
- many panel covers were removed, stripped of paint, cleaned, and repainted.
- several sound powered phone handsets were replaced. (visitors like to pull them apart.)
- missing nuts and bolts were replaced in many places.
- bulkhead flappers were lubed and cycled.
- watertight doors were cleaned and excess grease was removed.
- lights were repaired and installed.
- restoration of the 1MC moved forward
- restoration of radio moved forward (I think. It may be that we stepped back a notch.)
- attempts were made at repairing some valves in FER, but the valves are unique enough that efforts failed.
- water was pumped into MBT 2D to take off a stbd list.
- the crew collectively gained many pounds eating food prepared by Dave, Frank, Cathy, Jane, John B and his wife
- many sea stories were told. I still have doubts about the truth of "our boat went to 1.5 miles deep" and "we hand to go to 110% power at back flank
to escape the sea monster"
- The crew survived rain, cold weather, and some terrible singing from a horrible band across the harbor.

Congratulations to Rich Basera for becoming the third recipient of the Torsk DA award, an award previously won by Frank Palmer and Bruce Broseker for suffering pain, embarrassment, and sometimes shedding blood in the restoration and maintenance of Torsk. Of the three, only Rich can truly say he was screwed!

Overall, this was one of the best work weekends we have had. Thanks to all of our crew members, local and remote, who helped out this weekend. Wish you could have been here Roy and Art and John W and all the rest of you guys that missed it.

Next year we plan to do battle with a pirate ship that frequents the Inner Harbor. God help the pirate ship!

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