Torsk Work Weekend 19

 October 5-7, 2012


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Work Weekend Report:

This year’s Work Weekend was comprised of 40 volunteers. Local crew turned the boat over to the visiting submarine veterans and volunteers and often acted as facilitators who delivered tools, water, etc. to ensure an efficient and safe working environment. The out of town crewmembers worked hard and accomplished a great deal. The work outlined here is divided into three categories: Preparation and Support for Work Weekend along with the usual categories of Maintenance and Restoration. The following are the lists of work accomplished in no particular order.

Preparation and Support for Work Weekend:
  • Dave Thames and Cathy Steiner arrived early Thursday morning to load stores and prepare for WWE. Chief Mike, Tracey Johnstone, Frank Morgan and Bruce Broseker arrived later in the day to help with preparations.
  • Jane Sibiski, Cindy Middleston, Cathy Steiner, Dave Thames and Tracey Johnstone prepared and set up for meals.
  • Local crew Chief Mike Eacho, John Biesecker, Cathy Steiner, Tracey Johnstone, Larry Sibiski and Dave Thames ran tools and saw to it those working had all the water they needed, etc.
  • Cathy kept order in Lower Level After Battery and also in the galley. John B also saw to it that tools were stored properly.
  • Charlie and Tristan Bohanan installed fans in the After Engine Room and Conning Tower hatches in addition to running tools and equipment for those less familiar with the boat.
  • Chief Mike, Dave, Cathy, Tracey, Jane Ski, Larry Ski, Larry Derouin and Bruce all remained on Sunday morning for housekeeping, clean up and button up of the boat.
  • Frank, Dave, Bruce and Rob [of HSIB] surveyed the contents of the ballast tanks on each side of the boat and filled 2D to correct a starboard list. Dave and Rob removed and replaced the hatches of the tanks. The boat has settled with some of the list, but it is much more level than it was before the correction.
  • Mike Davidson, Ron Budin, Scott Hommel worked on stringing loudspeaker cable from Crew's Head to FTR for the HSIB announcing system.
  • George Kelly and Peter Frey did maintenance on lighting fixtures throughout the boat. On some occasions they had to change the polarity of the fixtures. They worked from a survey of the lighting done by Torsk vet Chuck Weaver in previous weeks.
  • Larry Sibiski and Butch Middlestead pulled the broken hatch in the conning tower so that it could be examined for repair and a fan could be placed there for ventilation.
  • Torsk vet George Vest installed the necessary wing nuts on the LiOH brackets throughout the boat.
  • George Vest and Earl Needhammer replaced and adjusted the brackets for cabling in FTR.
  • Skipper Dennis Dyckman and John Biesecker made various repairs on fixtures throughout the control room.
  • JohnB cleaned the oil drip pan under the Compass Repeater on the Aux. Compass.
  • Larry Derouin cleaned and polished the forward windlass, chain stopper, and anchor chain position indicators.
  • Larry Derouin pressure washed two sections of fire hose.
  • Chuck Weaver surveyed the DC lighting panels to determine which light switches should be marked for the docents to indicate they should be left in the ON position.
  • Jeff Cross and Bob Whitehead and grandson cleaned the glass globes and metal shades on all the DC lighting fixtures throughout the boat and did minor repairs on the light fixtures.
  • Zack Whitehead cleaned all the watertight doors.
  • Jaime Eacho sorted nuts and bolts that were brought aboard during prior strip ships.
  • Many crew members including Larry Ski, John B, Chuck, Nat, Butch M. and Don Weber brought 63 marine gel cell batteries from the After Battery Well topside for later recycling. Each cell weighed 75 pounds. A huge effort on the part of a small number of folks.
  • Torsk vet Lynn Wardlaw worked on the SP phone system throughout the boat. John B and Larry Ski helped him, as did Ron “Buttons” Budin.
  • Torsk Vet Greg Cotton worked with Chief Bill Derouin in radio all weekend.
  • Art Mary and Ron Budin worked on the running and overtaking lights on the sail and on the stern that Big Al Becker had repaired. Ron painted the cowling around the light installed on the stern.
  • John Kill, Rich Basera, John Basera, Larry Derouin, Bill McGlinn and Nat Little worked on the forward deck superstructure. Chief Mike helped. They cleaned the hull of extraneous material, pressure washed under the deck, arranged the materials stored there, sanded some surfaces, ground and wire brushed others, and then painted the uprights, stringers and fairing with epoxy and paint in preparation for installation of the deckwood. Pier manager Rob disposed of the waste and helped ensure a safe workplace.
  • Bruce Brosecker worked in archives, and repaired components on the 8B Scope synchro cabinet located across from the HP air manifold.
  • Torsk Veterans George Vest and Chuck Weaver worked on the future bunk display in crew’s berthing.
  • Mike Davidson repaired a couple of DC outlets in Forward Battery by replacing missing chains.
  • Tristan Bohanon wire brushed the centerline mark on the bow and Larry Derouin primed it.
  • Nat Little and Sam Gohmer replaced missing trim by the Yeoman;s shack, reattached the cabinet door under the pantry sink and replaced a pop-rivet in the passageway that was protruding into the passageway.
  • George Vest replaced valve handwheels on several valves in ATR.
Other facts of note:
  • Everybody missed Big Al and Roger Warden.
  • Chuck Weaver ran the Ship’s Store so crewmembers could buy hats and shirts.
  • Zack, grandson of Bob Whitehead, wins the award for busiest person of the weekend. HE was everywhere doing everything, and helping a lot of folks.
  • Al Freund took photos of the workers and social events.
  • An incredible amount of work was accomplished… THANKS CREW!


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