USS Maryland SSBN-738

Blue Crew Members Volunteer on Torsk!

During the week of January 8-12, 2001 fifteen members of the Blue crew of USS Maryland SSBN-738 came to Baltimore to volunteer their services aboard Torsk. They worked on the fresh water and sanitary systems, air systems, radar, sound powered phones, electrical systems, and cleaned (a list of their accomplishments is located at the end of these pages). The amount of work performed by these men was phenomenal!! A huge THANK YOU goes to each of them:


CDR Keith Bowman, Commanding Officer Blue Crew

LT Tom Gorey

LT(JG) Joe Abbott

Tom Decker YN2 (SS)

Jason Allnutt MT2(SS)

Albert Burgoyne MT3(SU)

Don Dyal MM1(SS)

Mike McLauchlin ETCS(SS)

Douglas Ray EM1(SS)

Damien Reiland TM3(SU)

Leroy Runion MM1(SS)

James Sargent MM3(SS)

Todd Schultz MMC(SS)

Lewart Simmons ETC(SS)

Scott Simpson MM2(SS)


Thanks also to Bruce Broseker, Larry Derouin, Mike Eacho, Al Becker, Dave Thames, Frank Morgan, Jim Niedermyer, Frank Palmer, Gil Bohannon, Al Freund, Elizabeth Boriszek and Bill Derouin who took time off from work and family to assist the Maryland Crew aboard Torsk.

Special thanks to Harry Powell, who cooked for us and to Elizabeth Boriszek who assisted.

Images provided by Bruce Broseker, Frank Morgan, Elizabeth Boriszek, Gil Bohannon, Al Freund and Larry Derouin.


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