Torsk Volunteers

Torpedo and Sonar Console Load

November 10, 2000

Since May 2000, the Volunteers have been restoring a MK-14 Mod 5 torpedo, and several sonar consoles for the boat. We finally got clearance for the load to proceed on Friday November 10, 2000. The torpedo and consoles were delivered to the crane on Thursday, and the gang started to arrive that afternoon to spend the night on the boat

On Friday, the boat was closed down for part of the day to allow the crane work to take place. Everything went off without a problem, nobody was hurt, and all the equipment was loaded successfully!

Read on for the pix!



On Thursday the 10th, we delivered the torpedo and sonar consoles to the crane barge near the Coast Guard yard in Curtis Bay. Doc ties the fish down to the bed of Custom Metal Product's delivery truck.

We got a few strange looks as we travelled down I-95 to Curtis Bay where the crane barge was at. Once there, the torpedo and sonar consoles were lifted aboard the barge for the trip the next morning to the Inner Harbor.

The Martin Imbach company graciously donated the crane and crew for the load!


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