Torsk Work Weekend 7

May 11-13, 2001


Torsk Work Weekend 7 was a great success! We had a lot of fun, and got a lot of work done as well. See below for a list of people attending and the work that was accomplished. If we missed a name on the list, let us know and we'll correct it. 



A total of 66 people attended Torsk Work Weekend 7:

Bruce & Leslie Broseker, Gilbert Bohannon, Mike Eacho, Dave Thames, Frank Morgan, John Wynn, John Kill, Jim Flanders, Bill Derouin, Art “AC” Mary, Frank Palmer +1 (his niece), Bill “Billy Bob Launcher” Lary, Fred Polgardy, Richard “Guns” Mendelson, Bob Boscarelli, Roger “RamJet” Burleigh +1 (Becky), Tracy Johnstone, Pete Stafford, Bob Miller, Shepard “Hoot” Gibson, Glenn Herold, George Vest, Kevin Hinkle, Ron Olson, Dave Olson, Larry “Doc” Derouin, Brian “Torpeckerman” Flynn, Tracey Hamilton, Tom McNulty, Sean McNulty, Al Becker, Al Freund, Jim Adams, Ashley Adams, Bob Gawe, Joe Roche, Matt Harris, Michael “Prof.” White, Dex Armstrong, Tom Denton, Paul Loefflad, Jon Krup, Jim Mandelblatt, Richard “Doc” Beeghly, Dave Stoops, Ric Hedman, Bob Moyle, Jim Rogers, Jim Niedermyer, Tom Miller, Bob “Cool Bob” Berry, Ray “Ol’Goat” Stone, Art Smith, Mike Maloney, Greg Cotton, Mike Cooper, Jim Niedermyer, Sr., Steve Birns, Perry Vanderhurst, Tom Tilley, Ian Slepian, Michael Moore, James Savary


This was what was accomplished:

1.)  FER thoroughly cleaned.
2.)  ATR thoroughly cleaned.
3.)  Yeoman's Shack thoroughly cleaned.
4.)  Yeoman's Shack Painted.
5.)  Loose decking secured topside.
6.)  #1 periscope made to rotate (with the locking clamp & a "persuader").
7.)  TBT removed, cleaned, and stored in the after battery well.
8.)  Tools donated to TVA from Perch Base USSVI loaded aboard.
9.)  Loaded 1 original, and 3 replacement crew's mess benches aboard.
10.)  Loaded 8 new crew's mess bench covers aboard, and installed 4 of them.
11.)  Bulkhead flapper valves between crew's mess and radio freed up and exercised.
12.)  Plumbing installed for crew's head sinks, and sinks made operational.
13.)  New nameboards installed.
14.)  VCR donated to TVA by Jon Krup stored in archives.
15.)  2 cases of manuals donated by to TVA stored in archives (they need to be indexed).
16.)  Masthead light removed for repair.
17.)  Printer donated to TVA by Bill Derouin stored in archives.
18.)  Began rewiring heater runs.
19.)  FTR thoroughly cleaned.
20.)  Maneuvering Upper Level thoroughly cleaned.
21.)  Part of #1 generator repainted.
22.)  Sonar Shack door installed.
23.)  Sonar Shack restoration completed (with the exception of the sound system and timer which needs some work).
23.)  Fathometer worked on (Once power feed is complete, unit will light up similar to sonar consoles).
24.)  Sinuous Course Clock examined for possible restoration.
25.)  Bowplane/Capstan Manual Rigging Gear repainted.
26.)  All Vacuum Tubes sorted and inventoried (Do not remove any from inventory without noting it).  Remarked all drawers to reflect new inventory.  Cross referenced tubes to equipment aboard.
27.)  Restoration work on RBO-3.
28.)  Radio Operations. (Jim should be able to furnish a contact report.).
29.)  Support for News broadcasts.
30.)  Fresh Water system flushed and filled.
31.)  Cut cables in AER traced to source.
32.)  New fluorescent fixture installed over AB well workbench.
33.)  Growler/SP Phone in ATR tested, and found to be in good working order.
34.)  Growler/SP Phone in Maneuvering tested, and found to be in good working order.
35.)  Growler/SP Phone in AER tested, and found to be in good working order.
36.)  Growler/SP Phone in FER tested, and found to be in good working order.
37.)  Growler/SP Phone in FTR tested, and found to be in good working order.
38.)  SP Phone in Crew's Mess tested, and found to be in good working order.
39.)  Growler in Crew's Mess tested, and found to need repair.
40.)  Growler/SP Phone in Wardroom tested, and found to need repair.
41.)  Work on 1MC system.
42.)  Vice mounted on Pump Room workbench.
43.)  Vice mounted on AER workbench.
44.)  Painting of new topside decking.
45.)  Painting of Bullnose.
46.)  Thorough scrapping of starboard tank tops.
47.)  Torsk emblem plaque donated to TVA by "Hoot" Gibson stored in archives.
48.)  Archives/Library dedicated.
49.)  Continued restoration of escape trunk in FTR.
50.)  Forward topside area pressure washed.
51.)  Broken deck access hatches repaired forward and aft.
52.)  #1 periscope bearings greased.
53.)  Periscope hydraulic system examined, plans made for later activation.
54.)  Torpedo roller support frames scraped in FTR.
55.)  AER thoroughly cleaned.
56.)  E&E Adaptor Moved from Radio to Conning Tower.
57.)  Air conditioning wiring repaired.
58.)  Greased rotating whip antenna assembly.
59.)  Coffee & Krispy Kreme Coffee Cups donated to TVA by Dex Armstrong stored in Galley.
60.)  Loaded switch assembly brought by Jon Krup aboard.
61.)  Memorial service on Saturday.
62.)  Gave tours to visitors throughout the weekend.

Special thanks to Taylor Freezer Sales in Chesapeake, VA for their donation of Ice Cream mix and cups to eat it from.  

Arizona's Perch Base USSVI donated a set of tools - THANK YOU!

Thanks also to George Arnold for contributing towards the beer fund, Dex Armstrong for coffee, Jon Krup for a VCR, and Bill Derouin for a printer.  

Thanks to Glenn Herold for the use of some of his images.