Torsk Work Weekend 8

September 28-30, 2001


Once again, Torsk Volunteers from all over the country gathered in Baltimore to work on Torsk and enjoy the company of friends, old and new. Quite a lot got accomplished - see the list below for details.

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Bruce & Leslie Broseker, Mike Eacho, Greg Cotton, Brian Flynn, John Wynn, John "JDawg" Cadell, Bob Gawe, Richard "Guns" Mendelson, Frank Morgan, Dave Thames, Gilbert Bohannon, Matt Harris, Milt Smith, Bill Derouin, Bill Butler, Roger Warden, Art "AC" Mary, Larry "Doc" Derouin, Al Freund, Ken Hottenstein, Kenny Hottenstein, Tracey Hamilton, Ian Slepian, Mike Slepian, Phil Imwold, David Imwold, Mike Maloney, Paul Meinke, Joe Roche, Dan Dreisbach, Jon Krup, Tracey Johnstone, Al Becker, Ed Winner, John Biesecker, Patrick Glendening (+2), Jackie Donaldson,  William Coleman (and family), Ron Exell, Don Rubin, Jack Glendenning, Len Glendenning, Arthur Poste, Jim Payton (+1), Tom Denton


1.)   Roller re-installed in Torpedo Tube #2
2.)   Drain valve for #6 Torpedo Tube Repaired.
3.)   Fuel Injectors from #4 engine removed for testing.
4.)   Injector Pump on #4 Engine Inspected.
5.)   Original Ship's Manuals re-index, placed in archival boxes and labeled. 
6.)   Original SS Training Manuals re-indexed.
7.)   Testing of 6V transformers for Hull Opening Indicator Panel (Christmas tree).
8.)   Sail Bubble Installed and cleaned.
9.)   3 additional benches installed in Crew's mess - one remains at Matt's shop for completion. 
10.) Manuals/Blueprints from Sailfish loaded aboard and stored in archives (still need to be sorted/indexed).
11.) Parts from Sailfish loaded aboard and stored.
12.) Updating of Vacuum Tube/Transistor Inventory.
13.) Indexing of Blueprints
14.) Thorough cleaning of Wardroom pantry.
15.) Reattaching of loose laminate on Wardroom pantry counter top.
16.) Ran power feed/4 outlet box from new power panels to refrigerator/microwave/water cooler in After Battery Well.
17.) Sonar Shack thoroughly cleaned. 
18.) Burnt-out bulbs replaced in Sonar consoles, and Sonar Shack.
19.) Mine Table mounts painted in Forward Torpedo Room.
20.) Yoke for #1 periscope removed and flattened at Matt's shop to correct warp.
21.) Brass cover plate for yoke to #1 scope removed for remanufacture (will not bend flat and threads damaged).
22.) Moved heater from Crew's Mess to FTR to replace non-working unit. This heater also has larger capacity. Unit is NOT hooked up yet.
23.) Wired and installed 4" muffin fan in Sonar.
24.) Jammed air in #6 bank. 
25.) Replaced elbow, union, & valve on After Bulkhead in AB after failure with old onboard spares. Will replace with new from header "T" to hose.
26.) Repaired power supply to Ice Cream Machine.
27.) Began tank inspection - completed 12 tanks. Will transfer info to Tank Status board in Plot.
28.) Installed masthead light (forward tip of sail) and made operational.
29.) Installed and tested amber light on snorkel. Stopped rotating after some time - will need further evaluation.
30.) Worked on rebuilding growler in Wardroom.
31.) Traced and identified 7 circuits for Hull Opening Indicator Panel.
32.) Moved and rewired Docent Shack in preparation for Shore Power Upgrade (hull penetration is directly under old shack location).
33.) Installed junction box under deck for Shore Power Upgrade.
34.) Installed battery charging rectifier and contactor in AB Well for emergency lighting circuits.
35.) Worked on installation and rewiring of space heaters.  Ran the liquid-tite conduit in After battery, FER, AER.  Ran into some snags connecting the conduit to the bulkhead stuffing tubes. Additional work needed. 
36.) Relamped many fixtures on boat.
37.) Mounted and tested 8" signal searchlight.
38.) Loaded aboard 5 rolls of donated 1 1/2" fire hose and stored in ATR.
39.) Overhauled Fresh Water Fill Valves for FW Tanks #3 & #4 returned to boat.
40.) Loaded aboard and stored valve lapping tools fabricated by Phil Imwold.
41.) Test fit new guiderail studs for E&E adapter that were fabricated by Phil Imwold.
42.) Re-Secured sanitary tank covers following Pump-Out.
43.) Moved thick plex for Radio from ATR to Radio Room. 
44.) Thorough cleaning in Radio Room.
45.) Repaired antenna connection to the Collins KWM-2A, as the connecting  male end looked like it could easily short.
46.) Made temporary repair to the Turner hand-held push-to-talk microphone - ground wire was not connected causing mike failure-still needs the set screw for permanent fix.   
47.) Radio operations - contacts with the Tentec on subnet Saturay, Sept 29.
48.) Contacts with Collins KWM-2A (muffin fan used) on Sun after above repairs.  All Contacts were logged in log book.   
49.) Memorial service on Saturday morning.


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