Torsk Work Weekend 14

October 4-7, 2007


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Volunteers Attending:

Bruce Broseker, Gilbert Bohannon, Dave Thames, Mike Eacho, Frank Morgan, Larry "TorskDoc" Derouin, Bill Derouin, John Biesecker, John Kill, Neil Bellenger, Bill McGlinn, Roger Warden, John Wynn, Paul Bissey, Ed Winner, Rich Basera, Cathy Steiner, Greg Cotton, Richard "Guns" Mendelson, Al Becker, Brian Flynn, Chris Gossweiler, Darrin Singer, Ken Johnson, Herman Anschuetz, Alfred, Freund, Jeff Cross, Roy Ator, Tracey Hamilton, Bob Whitehead, Jackie Donaldson, Tim Calvert, John "Gumba" Carcioppolo, Dee Carcioppolo, and John (a new volunteer).




I just want to let everyone who spent the weekend working on Torsk that I appreciate all of your hard work. The working conditions were pretty awful. We had a very unusually warm October weekend, but everyone was putting out 110%. Some pretty dirty and tough jobs were completed. The boat looks much, much better. Hard to believe that in such a short time such a big difference could be made. Some desperately needed preservation jobs were completed through some incredible effort of this hard-working crew. I will tabulate the work list this week and let everyone know what was accomplished, but for starters, the starboard and forward waterways in the Control Room were cleaned, scaped and primed. The improvement in appearance and material condition is tremendous. We also had some huge efforts going on in the FTR and ATR doghouses. A lot of rust had formed in the doghouses from lack of attention. All the rust has been cleaned off and next week the priming and painting will bbe accomplished. Many of the diesel exhaust (inboard and outboard) and the hull induction valve were cycled. No easy task considering how little exercise these valves get. THe main induction was again worked on, but proves to be unrelenting. One day that sucker will be open. An attempt to raise the snorkel mast was also made, but it too refused to budge. Much loose paint was removed from piping in ATR. Because this room experiences so much fluctuation in temperature, the paint tends to crack and peel. THe painting wasn't done well at all in the past, so many things that were painted should not have been. But It's looking better now. We also had a terific welder aboard who got the switches in place (finally) that will show the position of the ATR and FTR doors on the Hull opening indicator panel. Both engines in FTR are painted as they should be. What a remarkable improvement. A lot of the air manifold in the Control Room has been cleaned (deep cleaned) and polished. We also got the space heater in the Conning Tower relocated so we could mount the sextant recorder and we have the cables re-routed so the Conning Tower hatch can be closed. Another huge effort. We had wanted to get this done so we could continue our effort to improve the watertight integrity of the boat. THe showers in Crew's Head are operational as several people discovered and so now everyone doesn't have to go over to Taney to shower. WE also got coffin bunks hung in Hogan's Alley, some of the new electronics mounted in the Control Room, RAdio, and Sonar, and the helm looks like new. Like I said, this is a sampling. I will go through the list to determine all the completed work and fill you in later. Thanks again, for all of your hard efforts. The Torsk has the best crew any boat could possible get. WE could not get the boat restored to where she is today without the efforts of all of you. Thanks to the remote crew members for making the drives/flights to get here. Thanks to Roy for paying for the refreshments and a lot of the fod, and thanks to all the local crew for organizing the Work Weekend and getting the boat ready for the rest of the crew. Everyone did an awesome job. I hope you all had fun as well as accomplished so much. The locals hope to see you all again soon.

Mike Eacho


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