Torsk Work Weekend III

May 1999



Check the links below for photographs of our crew hard at work and play!


Preliminary Work Weekend

May 21-23, 1999

The preliminary work weekend involved removing the old wooden deck, and erecting a tent over the work area in order to protect the visitors from welding flash and our workers from the sun. Electrical work was also accomplished below decks, returning the boat to it's original lighting circuits. 



Main Work Weekend

May 28-31, 1999

During the main work weekend, the rusted out steel supports for the deck over the engine rooms were burned out, new steel was welded in, and new deck boards laid down.


Deck Work Update

June 12, 1999

More deck work completed, with both sections of new deck down.


Deck Work Complete!!!

June 19, 1999

All the new deck is down, and the plywood is re-laid over the new steel aft. We're done with this phase of the deck!!

Many thanks to all the Torsk Volunteers who attended both work weekends, as well as the post weekends for finish work!!!


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