Torsk Work Weekend 6

October 20-22, 2000


This work weekend was a great success! We accomplished all we set out to do, and more. For a list of items, scroll down below the image links.

We had 48 people attending, some new and many old faces. It was a great time! A big thanks goes to everyone who came and worked their butts off. A special thanks goes to Scott Armstrong, our museum rep, for his time and efforts to support our work weekend. 

The pictures from the weekend are divided up by day, to keep the loading time down.

Take a look and see what we did !!






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TWW 6 Accomplishments


1.) Starboard Forward Skid mount installed in ATR.
2.) Torpedo skids moved from FTR. One to topside for torpedo load and one to ATR for MK27 torpedo. Skid topside has been placed forward out of visitor traffic area and will remain there till the load is complete, at which point it will go back into the FTR.
3.) Survey of SS2 Radar system for restoration.
4.) Flushing water line installed for Forward Head.
5.) Archives move from Taney to Torsk.
6.) New gasket installed on #3 Fresh Water tank access hatch in Control Room.
7.) Additional decking slats installed aft on main deck.
8.) Work on Sonar Consoles at Matt's shop on Friday.
9.) Non-original shelving cut out of Sonar.
10.) Several Drain and Fresh Water leaks were fixed.
11.) Additional painting of FWD Escape Truck.
12.) Memorial Service on Sunday morning.
13.) Survey of FER Lube Oil system.
14.) Pumped water from MBT to NFO tank in preparation of sanitary system work, using pump supplied by Baltimore City Fire Dept.
15.) Superstructure washed down from Aft of Docent Shack to AER with hose from pump.
16.) 52 Lost Boats Brass Plaque Stand in ATR repaired.
17.) Damaged deck access hatch aft of Docent Shack replaced.
19.) Work on some damaged locker mechanisms.
20.) Repaired Mark 1 Deck Clock returned to boat, placed in Archives until secure location for display can be found.
21.) Moved Chainfalls from Chesapeake to Torsk.
22.) Sail scraped and primed/painted with first coat.
23.) Electrical receptacles replaced in crew's berthing, crew's head, and crew's mess.
24.) Additional painting of FTR bilges.
25.) Bunk lights installed on coffin bunks in crew's berthing.
26.) Removed Shore Power Connection Box and associated wiring from superstructure that was installed while Torsk was a reserve boat in DC.
27.) Work on lighting fixtures in FTR.
28.) Work on lighting fixtures in Conning Tower.
29.) Stern light repaired.
30.) Overtaking light repaired.
31.) Air Conditioning Compressor Unit moved from bridge to superstructure portside forward of the sail.
32.) Light in ATR Pyro locker reconnected/repaired.
33.) Power Supply cables traced in Sonar.
34.) Additional bunks hung in crew's berthing.
35.) New power outlet installed in Galley.
36.) Switch wired to light in #1 torpedo tube.
37.) Air filters and air intake screens cleaned in A/C air handling unit.
38.) MK27 Torpedo reassembled in ATR on "new" skid.
39.) Additional planning and testing for torpedo load.
40.) Chicken Wire installed around Snorkel Exhaust for pigeon proofing.
41.) Much beer consumed!!!


Many thanks to all who attended the work weekend. We had several new faces, as well as many of the regulars. Here is the sailing list:

Bruce & Leslie Broseker, Gilbert Bohannon, Larry "Doc" Derouin, Dick "Guns" Mendelson, Dave Thames, Brian Flynn, Roger Warden, John Wynn, John Kill, Glenn A Herold, Jim Adams, Pete Stafford, Bob Miller, Tim Miller, Mike Eacho, Tom Miller, Frank Morgan, Joe Roche & Colin, Al Becker, Art "AC" Mary, Roger "Ramjet" Burleigh, Jim Niedermyer, Bob "Cool Bob" Berry, Greg Cotton, Bill McGlinn, Mike Cooper, Dan Dreisbach, Al Perez, Bob Gawe, Ken Hottenstein, Mike "Boy Throttleman" Hemming, Bill Derouin, Al Freund, Don Rubin, Bob "Hoppy Poppy" Pleau, Elizabeth Boriszek, Tracey Johnston, Braddock Gaskill, Fred Polgardy, George Tyler, Bill Tyrell, Francois Savard, Bob Alexander, Perry Vanderhurst, Scott Armstrong


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